Dear Customers:

Thank you so much for all your support, in fact it's' been so great that we had to create build queue so you could know where in the build time order your pedal is. We build them in the order received because we want to be fair to everybody.

Please find your order number below to find out where in the queue your order is at.

Thank you again for being so patient with us. It really takes time to build quality gear at fair prices.


Building Now Stage: During this stage your order is being build and it should ship within 5 business days or less.






PreBuild Stage: During this stage we're making sure we got all the parts needed to build your order and we'll being building soon. Currently wait time for this stage is about 1 week.







In Queue: During this stage your order has been received and will move to the Prebuild stage soon. Currently wait time for this stage is about 2 weeks.

If you don't see your order number in the two above stages, this means your order is In Queue and we're working really hard to get it to the next stages. It also means you're a  rockstar for being super patient and we appreciate you!