Clickless 1CH Bypass Looper With Trails (Spill Over) Plus Tuner Mute

*Please note that the current build time for this product is approximately 3-5 business days.

This is the Clickless version of our pedal, that means you'll get two click-less switches that will activate the Tuner (which is also wired to mute the output) and one for the loop with trails.

Trails or "spillover" means you'll be able to hear your reverbs and/or delays after you turn off the loop. 

This pedal also has the capability to mute the trails loop and send the signal to the tuner, all in one box.

It can also be used with other types of effects like overdrives, but you won't hear the trails, as there is no trails on overdrives.

- Click-less Panasonic Relay switching
- Switch your effects on or off and hear them "spill over"
- Nickel Plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductivity
- 9v  2.1mm Boss type connector

4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" Inches
 (121.1 x 66 x 35.3 mm)

1 year warranty!