Custom unfinished Double Morningstar MC6 Aux External Pedal TRS (Normally Open Switches)

*Please note that the current build time for this looper is approximately 2-5 business days.

This pedals features two of our three button MC6 Aux TRS Switches. No power needed. It also includes six Blue Leds (LEDs are unwired)

NOTE: This is an unfinished product. LEDs will not work. Customer requested the LEDs to be unwired so he can make his own circuit. This was a custom order for that customer only, as we cannot make and MC6 Aux switch with LEDs.

* You will definitely need two TRS cables, you can get those here:

9.75 x 2.6 x 2 (Inch)
24.7 X 6.6 X 5.1 (cm)

1 year warranty!