Pre-Owned 12CH Click-Less Slanted View True Bypass Looper - Twelve (12) Loops

Sold out.

This is a very mint condition pre-owned 12CH clickless True Bypass Looper, yes, it has our very nice Clickless Silent Soft Touch switches.

We can also modify it if you want a Tuner, in Insert Loop, etc.


- Click-Less Soft Touch Switches.
- Hand Crafted in U.S.A.
- Point to point wiring (no machines here)
- Add true bypass to any effect
- Clean up and improve your tone easy!
- Genuine Neutrik Nickel Plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductivity
- 9V 2.1mm Boss type connector
- No transformers, No electronics, 100% true bypass

- Military Spec Wiring 24(7) UL 1569 CSA RoHS
- Hand Made Custom Aluminum Enclosure (not mass production)
- Chrome LED Bezels With Super Bright LEDs
- Glossy Powder Coated Finish For Great looks and Max Durability

We ship worldwide!


13.75" x 4.25" 2 7/8" (inches)

35 x 10.8 x 7.3 (cm)

Yes, this looper will work just fine with slanted pedal boards such as the Pedaltrains, Trailer Trash, Salvage Custom etc.