Aux Switch For Strymon (With Side Jack) Timeline, Mobius, Bigsky (Multiswitch)

The American Loopers Strymon AUX switch will do the same functions as the Strymon Multiswitch (not the Multiswitch Plus)

Ever wanted to have either bank control, preset control, tap control, or looper control on a Strymon Timeline, Mobius, or Bigsky WITHOUT using MIDI ? Now you can with this Strymon Aux Switch, all you have to do it simply connect it to the EXP jack of any of those three pedals and boom!. No need for MIDI this, MIDI that... it's all right here in this little box.

What can you do with it? here is a list of all the Aux Modes with Strymon Pedals:


TimeLine Looper control (Available for TimeLine only)

Not only does Multiswitch give you full control over TimeLine’s Looper in a simple, compact format, it also unlocks three additional looping features: Reverse, Half Speed, and Undo/Redo. Use MultiSwitch to control your TimeLine Looper in two different ways:

  1. With TimeLine as a 3-button looper — Multiswitch allows instant access to TimeLine's Record/Overdub, Play, and Stop functions without holding the TAP switch to enter Looper Mode. Easily access looping features while retaining footswitch control over your delay sounds.b
  2. With TimeLine as a 6-button looper — Hold TimeLine’s TAP switch to enter looper mode, and MultiSwitch now gives you instant access to Reverse, Half Speed, and Undo/Redo. Gain access to a versatile, 6-button looper that is excellent for live looping and experimentation.

Other Modes:


  • Bank Mode (TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius) Use the left switch to move down a bank, right switch to move up a bank, and middle switch to cycle through your presets within the   current bank. A great way to explore all of your presets.  
  • Preset Mode (TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius) Easily scroll through saved presets using the   left and right switches, and engage/bypass the preset you have selected with the middle   switch. 
  • Tap Mode (TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius) To scroll through your saved presets and control your tap tempo all at once. Perfect for TimeLine and Mobius – use the left switch to scroll down through your saved presets, the right switch to scroll up, and the middle switch to tap in the perfect delay tempo or modulation speed.


*Text borrowed from Strymon site

We also made the center switch a bit higher to avoid hitting the two switches at a time (see pic). It also has the nice high end Click-Less switches to make it even nicer!


4.51 X 2.52 x 1.02 (inch)
115 x 64 x 26 (mm)

* Your Strymon will need have the latest firmware as well.

* This pedal will NOT work with Eventide pedals, for the Eventide version see here:

* You will need a TRS Cable for this pedal to work, you can GET IT HERE