External Aux Switch For Pigtronix Infinity Looper 2 and 3 (Three Click-less Buttons)

Add another 3 switches to your Pigtronix Infinity Looper 2 or 3!

With this pedal, you can have the OCTAVE function on the left switch, the ONCE function on the right switch, and the STOP function on the center switch.

We use genuine Hammond enclosures with super tough powder coating, and our switches are pro grade SCI Switches (The same ones that high end builders uses on their $300+ pedals)

Talking about design, we made the center switch a bit higher to avoid hitting the two switches at a time (see pic). It also has the nice Click-Less switches to make it even nicer!

*This will not work with the Infinity Looper 1, as that only takes two external switches. 



4.39 x 2.34 x 1.06 

* You will need a TRS Cable for this pedal to work, you can GET IT HERE