Analog Stereo AB Switch (Switch Your Stereo Signal Between Two Stereo Outputs)

This pedal allows to have a True Stereo input signal (Left and Right) and select to route it to the A outputs or B outputs. Both A and B outputs are True Stereo as well.


- Our box can also be used in reverse as well ( A/B between 2 Stereo inputs to 1 Output)
- Nickel Plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductivity
- 9v  2.1mm Boss type connector is only needed for LEDs, unit is 100% passive
- No transformers, No electronics, 100% Analog Switching


- Military Spec Wiring
- Silver Soldering For Max Signal Flow
- Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure

4.51 X 2.52 x 1.02 (inch)
115 x 64 x 26 (mm)

1 year warranty!