5 Way Junction Box With Triple Buffers And Tuner Out Pedalboard PatchBay With Isolated Jacks

Same box as our 4 Way Junction box, but you'll get three of our Studio Quality Buffers for the Input, Front of Amp, Amp Fx Loop jacks. If you'd like to know more about our buffers please see HERE

This box is super handy when you want to run your Wet effects (Delay, Reverb etc) through your Amp's effect loop and your dry effects (Overdrives, Dist, etc) to the front. AKA Four Cable Method.

We also added a Tuner out (which feeds from the buffered guitar input) and a TRS pass through (non-buffered) so you can pass your amp's foot switch or any other connection you'd like. 

You can also use this box as a normal 4 Way box (simply follow direction of the Buffers), so you'll have the flexibility of both options in one box.

*Please note this is a custom order and cannot be returned. It will also require about 5 business days for build time.

Buffers Feature:

- 1 Mega Ohm Input impedance for each buffer.
- Genuine Neutrik Jacks throughout
- Saves your effect's jacks from wearing out
- Will not affect your tone
- Extra Tough Powder Coating Paint

- Military Spec Wiring
- Nickel Plated jacks
- Diecast Aluminum Enclosure

4.8" x 2.6" x 1.4"

1 year warranty!

We ship worldwide!