Custom 5CH VEX With Custom Switchcraft Jacks To Fit Pancake Plugs.

This is a custom True Bypass Looper that will have Switchcraft jacks. The jacks will be spaced out so you can fit any Pancake Style plugs. 

*This model required additional build time Aprox. 5 Days. 

* Picture is for demo purposes only, jack positions are different for this model. 

With this looper, you can run 5+ different effects at the same time or in series. Get any guitar effect out of the signal path until you need them.


-"PREMIUM CHK Electronics" 3PDT switches for better tone, and durability
- Genuine Switchcraft Jacks
- 100% True Bypass
- Hand wired point-to-point 
- Add true bypass to any 5+ effects
- Clean up and improve your tone easy!
- Nickel Plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductivity
- 9v  2.1mm Boss type connector is only needed for LEDs, unit is 100% passive

- Military Spec Wiring
- Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure

*Please note this is NOT a Sample Looper, it will not record/playback/sample/loop guitar sounds, or any other instrument signal of any kind.

* Rear jack positions may vary from picture


10 X 2.75 X 2 (Inch)
25.4 X 7 X 5.1 (cm)