AB Loop Selector With Master Bypass Plus Amp Channel Switcher

2-5 business days.

With this pedal you'll be able to select between effects loops A or B, and also be able to bypass them both with our Master Bypass switch to get back to your clean sound. There is also a third switch that will allow you to change channels or other features on your amp (your amp must work with a latching tip to sleeve configuration) If you are not sure about your amp's functionality please contact us.

- "PREMIUM CHK Electronics" switches for better tone, and durability, it doesn't get any better than that!
- Add true bypass to any 2+ effects
- Clean up and improve your tone easy!
- Genuine Neutrik Nickel Plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductance
- 9v 2.1mm Boss type connector is only needed for LEDs, unit is 100% passive
- No transformers, No electronics, 100% true bypass


- Military spec wiring
- Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure
- Chrome LED bezels
- Powder coated paint for great looks and max durability

*Please note this is NOT a Sample Looper, it will not record/playback/sample/loop guitar sounds, or any other instrument signal of any kind.

9.75 x 2.6 x 2 (Inch)
24.7 X 6.6 X 5.1 (cm)

1 year warranty!