Aux Switch for Selah Quartz Aux Switch (2 button)

* You will need a TRS Cable and the latest Firmware installed, please see the cables category here:

The American Loopers Aux Switch for Selah Quartz will allow you do do many Functions, each one by either holding it, or pressing it. The Quartz also allows for up to three aux switched for a total of 7 switches and 14 different combination of sounds/presets/functions.

The Function can be as simple as a Tap Tempo, or you can send out a bunch of custom Midi Messages.

Here are some functions from the manual:

DISABLED - No function will be performed
TAP TEMPO - Consecutive taps will set a new tempo.
NEXT PRESET - This will take you to the next preset in the setlist.
PREV PRESET - Will take you to the previous preset in the setlist.
TGL REPEAT - Starts or stops the custom repeating MIDI message. A message sent every quarter note.
TGL ALL TIME - Starts or stops the sending of tempo data from MIDI Clock, the 4 Aux outputs, and the repeating MIDI Stack, all at once.
TGL AUX - Starts or stops the sending of tap signals from the 4 Aux outputs.
TGL CLK OUT - Starts or stops the sending of MIDI Clock.
TGL CLK IN - Toggle whether the Quartz ignores or receives incoming MIDI Clock.
TGL AUDIO IN - Toggle whether the Quartz ignores or receives an incoming audio metronome.
RCL Preset - The Quartz will change to the preset/song that is assigned. It will change to it even if the song is not in the Setlist. Since this can change per preset as well, this can turn each preset into a bank with sub-presets. Great for having presets as a verse, chorus, etc, linked to one song/preset.

This is also great for those of you who will use the Quartz presets as "Sounds" rather than "Songs".

3.64 X 1.52 X 1.06 (Inch)
93 X 39 X 27 (mm)

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