Amp Effect Loop Switcher (Run pedals through your Amp's FX Loop OR To The Front)

This pedal allows you to reroute any effects that are connected to the PEDALS SND and PEDALS RTN jacks either to run through your Amp's FX Loop, or go directly to the front of your amp with just one stomp.

Why would I run my delay, reverb, or modulation, through an amp's FX loop?

The simple answer is that when you want to use your amp's overdrive (instead of pedals) you would always want to run your delays, reverb, mod, after the preamp section and before the power section of your amp. How do you do that? by using your amp's effects loop. This enables you to have clean noticeable repeats from your delay as opposed to have them all being scrambled up.

This pedal is also very handy when you want to play with an amp that does not have and FX loop so you can reroute the all effects to the front of the amp without having to disconnect anything!

Want to go back to another amp with an FX Loop? simply press the switch again and you're good to go, no disconnecting cables anymore.

This pedal is not limited to Amp FX Loops only, you can also use it with other pedals such as the Timeline to put reverbs or modulation in and out of its effect loop.  Or use it with another chain of pedals that you want in or out of your chain. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The LED that is active, will tell you if the your amp's FX loop (or chain) is feeding the pedal(s) or not.


4.51 X 2.52 x 1.02 (inch)
115 x 64 x 26 (mm)

1 year warranty!

We ship worldwide!