Aux Switch 6 For Morningstar MC3 or MC6 or MC6 PRO or MC8 (Six Click-less Buttons)

Add another 6 programmable switches to your Morningstar MC3 or MC6 MK2 or MC6 PRO or MC8 MIDI controller, closely matching the small size of the MC6!

With our switch, you can configure any of the three switches to do whatever the switches on the Morningstar do. A few examples are: Bank Up, Bank Down, Preset recall, Midi Clock Tap Tempo, Expression, etc.

Our switches are pro grade SCI Switches (The same ones that high end builders uses on their $300+ pedals)

Talking about design, we made our switch to be pretty much the same dimensions of an MC6 (non-pro) so you can comfortably fit it anywhere on your pedal board. Also, the switches in the back are raised up higher than the ones in the front. 

The top three switches go to Output A, and the bottom three go to Output B.

 * You will need TWO TRS Cable for this pedal to work, you can GET IT HERE or you can use just one set of (3) switches with the one output as well.


5.68" x 3.8" x 1.8"