Aux Switch Controller (With Side jack) For Strymon Timeline, Mobius, Bigsky (Multiswitch)

The American Loopers Strymon AUX switch will do the same functions as the Strymon Multiswitch. 

* You will need a TRS Cable for this pedal to work, you can GET IT HERE

Ever wanted to have either bank control, preset control, tap control, or looper control on a Strymon Timeline, Mobius, or Bigsky WITHOUT using MIDI ? Now you can with this Strymon Aux Switch, all you have to do it simply connect it to the EXP jack of any of those three pedals and boom!. No need for MIDI this, MIDI that... it's all right here in this little box.

We also made the center switch a bit higher to avoid hitting the two switches at a time (see pic). It also has the nice high end Click-Less switches to make it even nicer!

* Your Strymon will need have the latest firmware as well.


4.39 x 2.34 x 1.06


 Build time: Approx. 1-2 Business days.