Footswitch For Fender Twin Reverb/Vib

With this footswitch you'll be able to turn on/off the Reverb and Tremolo on your Fender Twin Amp. Simply use a TRS cable from this pedal to your amp, and you'll be ready to go.

This external switcher also features LEDs which are powered by the 9V jack, simply use a 2.1mm Boss type plug from your pedal power supply, and the Led's will work (Power adapter not included) The pedal will still work without power but the LEDs will not light up.

We also use our PREMIUM CHK Latching switches (same ones used in our Loopers) so you will get long lasting performance out of this aux switch. 

* You will need a TRS Cable, from this pedal to the amp. 

3.64 X 1.52 X 1.06 (Inch)
93 X 39 X 27 (mm)


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