Pedal Order Switcher (With Toggle Switch No LED) (Switch the order of a pedal in The Chain With One Toggle)

This pedal allows you to reroute any effects in between effects, you can take one or more effects and put in between any pedals inside your chain with just one stomp. (see diagram for one example).

This version has a Toggle switch instead of a push switch, and no LEDs. Toggle switch moves left to right. 

For example, you can have compressor that for some songs you want at the beginning of your chain, but then, you want to move it and have it right before your delays for some crazy reason, this pedal will allow to do just that, or any combination you'd like with just one stomp.


4.51 X 2.52 x 1.02 (inch)
115 x 64 x 26 (mm)

1 year warranty!

We ship worldwide!