XLR Male Plus Audition Jacks Plus 3 TS Mono Jacks Guitar Patch bay Box

 This is a custom made Patch bay.

It features XLR Male jacks and also a set of jacks to audition pedals. This can be used in several ways. For example, simply connect your pedal’s inputs to the AUD IN jack of the box, and the output to the AUD OUT of the box, and you’ll will have inserted your pedal into your chain without changing cables. It’s like a true bypass loop but without the switch. Once you are done, simple pull those cables and the box will automatically reroute the jacks to bypass mode. (You'll need to have an insert in between pedals to insert this audition)

Another configuration is if your looper has an insert, you can put pedals in and out of the insert, without having to re-route your pedalboard or make new cables.

You can also use this Audition Jacks as a normal jacks, so you'll have the flexibility of both options in one box.

*Drawing not to scale, for reference only


Measures:  5.68" L x 3.8" W x 1.8" H