3 Way Junction Box With Locking Neutrik TRS Stereo Jacks (All jacks TRS)

With this Pedalboard Patch bay, you can hook your cables without being afraid of them getting loose thanks to the Neutrik Locking jacks. Built with locking Neutrik TRS Stereo jacks that can also be used as mono if you wish. 

Note: If you are planning to use this box with your amp's fx loop, please choose the isolated jacks instead. Some (not all) amps don't like to share the ground and require isolated jacks.


- Military Spec Wiring
- Genuine Neutrik nickel plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductivity
- Diecast Aluminum Enclosure

- 1 year warranty!


4.8" x 2.5" x 1.4" (122 x 65 x 36 mm)