A/B/C Line Selector Switcher (Select A or B or C)

If you are looking to switch between three instruments, this is the pedal for you. With this pedal you can swap between three bases, three guitars, three violins, etc, without having any bleed over. 

*Either A or B or C will be active at a time you cannot combine the inputs with this model.

The left switch will let you select between A or B, while C is on standby. If you want to go to C, simply press the right switch. Please also note that when you are on C, the Led for either A or B will still be lit up indicating the input you you'll go back to when C is turned off.



- Switch between three guitars, three basses, three effects, etc with ZERO bleed over
- Pedal is reversible so you can use the IN as the OUT and vice e versa
- Different color LEDs for easy differentiation
- Nickel Plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductivity
- 9v  2.1mm Boss type connector is only needed for LEDs, unit is 100% passive
- No transformers, No electronics, 100% true bypass

"PREMIUM" CHK Electronics switches (NOT less expensive Chinese ones) for better tone, and durability
- Military Spec Wiring
- Silver Soldering For Max Signal Flow
- Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure
- Powder coated paint for great looks and max durability

4.51 X 2.52 x 1.02 (inch)
115 x 64 x 26 (mm)

1 year warranty!

We ship worldwide!